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Biolupo Trentino BionNoc beer

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This beer is produced exclusively with fresh, freshly picked hops from Trentino. It is the symbol of our great project on hops grown in our land, and also the beginning of a great challenge: to be able to produce the hops we need, without having to buy it from large distributors.

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It was 2014 when we decided to embark on a new adventure.
We never thought we would be able to create a complete supply chain from scratch and develop new products with it.
We are talking about the Luppolo Trentino project.
Our desire was to be able to produce beers with hops directly produced for us here, in our beloved valleys.
And so here it is, our pride, the Biolupo Trentino.

Produced with fresh, just picked hops, which are lovingly grown by Nicola Gozzer and Massimo Scalet on their farms, a few kilometers from the brewery.
In a period like this, where this raw material is mainly used for marketing purposes and little else, we can offer a real product, which wants to be the emblem of our production philosophy.

For its production we have deliberately made sure that the taste of the malt remains in the background, precisely to give maximum space to fresh hops.

For those wondering how much we used, well, they are over 60kg of flowers for a single batch, these are German and American aromatic varieties, directly grown in Trentino!

Color: straw yellow
Taste: light, fresh, bitter and very vegetable
Alcoholic degree: 5.5% alc.vol.
Recommended pairings: excellent as an aperitif, finds great combinations with freshwater fish and vegetable dishes

Production: it is prepared with light barley malt and boiled with an enormous quantity of fresh Trentino hop flowers. This abundant hopping gives a characteristic vegetable aroma, fresh and very interesting. It is highly fermented with the use of Kölsch yeasts which enhance the herbaceous part
Storage: store below the fermentation temperature (15 °), the expiry date is 18 months from the packaging date

Data sheet

Trentino Alto Adige
Production area
Mezzano di Primiero - Trento
Raw Material
Light barley malt and boiled with an enormous quantity of fresh Trentino hop flowers
Straw yellow
Bottle Capacity
750 ml.
Alcohol content in %Vol
Excellent as an aperitif, it finds great combinations with freshwater fish and vegetable dishes

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Biolupo Trentino BionNoc beer

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