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Harmful Beer in the style Scottish Ale BioNoc'

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Typical of Edinburgh, where the raw material for the production of beer was poor quality and had to be imported from England. This need has led to the development of beers produced with just a few ingredients, but very tasty and a little luppolate, obtained through the use of malts, toasted and roasted. Drink with a low alcohol content, it presents you with the foam dense and compact.

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Color: dark amber
Taste: fresh, slightly roasted and with notes of chocolate
Degree of alcohol: 4,6% alc.vol
Food pairings: the rich taste and softness of this product marry well with red meats, cheese, soups and soups

Production: beer with a base malt Pale, with small cuts of malt, caramel, malt, Chocolate, barley, roasted and flaked barley. This mix gives it a strong taste, where the hopping only serves to give a slight bitter taste. After fermentation, long maturation leads to a product that is very clear and with an extreme cleanliness of the flavours.
Conservation: keep at a temperature of fermentation (15°), the deadline is 18 months from the packaging date.

The cellar BioNoc '
Region Trentino Alto Adige
Raw Material Pale malt beer with small cuts of caramelized malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley and barley flakes.
Alcohol content in %Vol 4.6
Pairings The intense taste and softness of this product go well with red meats, aged cheeses, soups and broths

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