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Distillate of Apricots from Vesuvius Capovilla

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The Vesuvius Apricot Distillate embodies all the craftsmanship of Gianni Capovilla in its complex and delightful spirit. The love for nature and for its products has always guided him in the creation of magnificent spirits and in the use of raw materials of the highest quality.

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In the case of this distillate, Capovilla has pushed its own search for unique and unforgettable flavors and aromas in Neapolitan land, as far as Vesuvius. On the side of the volcano overlooking the sea, in fact, there are the sunny crops of an ancient and delicious variety of apricots, the "Pellecchiella". The "crisommole" - as they are called in dialect - are an exclusively Campania excellence, whose sweetness was already mentioned in the manuscripts of the sixteenth century. The juicy and tasty pulp is excellent for creating spirits, as Capovilla was able to do through a product that knows how to conquer and involve the senses of those who taste it. The distillation takes place in a water bath at a temperature of 103 ° C, so as to be able to process the fruit for a long time and preserve its aromas. Subsequently, the distillate is left to rest for one or two years in stainless steel tanks, at the end of which it is diluted with pure Monte Grappa spring water. Savoring the soft features, one can perceive the uniqueness of the great Capovilla spirits.

Data sheet

Production area
Rosà (VI)
Bottle Capacity
500 ml.
Alcohol content in %Vol
Service temperature
6 ° / 8 °

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