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Eighteen Lune Marzadro Distillery

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Grappa Stravecchia emblematic of the culture, care and art of distilling. Obtained from the distillation in a bain-marie in a discontinuous alembic of both red and white pomace. Refine in small Cherry, Ash, Oak and Robinia barrels that each give their own characteristics of perfume, aroma, color and flavor. The aging time follows the rhythms of nature: 18 months pass from moon to moon.

The scent becomes intense, it becomes more ethereal and harmonious, the taste loses its initial angularity and is rounded to give an elegant and silky perception in the mouth. The color reaches a warm amber hue. The Master Distiller follows the maturation until the ideal blend and full harmony between wood and Grappa is reached. Thus was born, Diciotto Lune Marzadro, refined grappa for meditation.

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Data sheet

Marzadro Distillery
Trentino Alto Adige
Production area
Raw Material
Grappa Stravecchia with red and white pomace
Bottle Capacity
700 ml.
Alcohol content in %Vol
Service temperature
18 ° / 20 °

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