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Leon Veneta Castagner star player

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Obtained from the distillation of the best pomace of red berried grapes produced and vinified in Veneto. The pomace, since its arrival in the distillery, is treated and stored with Grappa System®, a system designed by Roberto Castagner, thanks to which it is possible to give life to a controlled fermentation, obtained with the addition of selected oenological yeasts.

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Grappa System® also guarantees storage in an ideal, healthy environment with the right pH level, inside a food-grade plastic film tunnel, at high pressure and in the absence of oxygen. This is the secret that allows the pomace to keep its aromas intact even for several weeks, in a completely natural way.

Grappa Veneta Leon is obtained from a blend of grappa from red vines distilled in traditional direct steam copper plants.

Organoleptic characteristics
The olfactory sensations are intense, recalling notes of fresh marc, berries and violets, with spicy hints. On the palate it is intense and rich but at the same time elegant.

Service advice
Leon Veneta is an excellent distillate to end a sumptuous dinner. To fully grasp the aromas, it is recommended to taste it in elliptical glasses.

Data sheet

Vines and plants
Visnà di Vazzola (TV)
GRappa Veneta
Bottle Capacity
700 ml.
Alcohol content in %Vol
Service temperature
12 ° / 14 °

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