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Rhum J.M

In 1914, Gustave Crassous of Médeuil buy Rum J. M. the family of Jean-Marie Martin. By then, the heirs of Crassous Médeuil dutifully ensure the production of Rum J. M. Grown and selected, the sugar cane is ground in the mills of property in less than an hour after the cutting, this specificity ensures the obtaining of the juice of the cane that is particularly fresh, and rich aroma. The slow alchemy of wood, and the alcohol gives the rum invecchiati a their pedigrees: a golden color is natural and a wide range of aromas. Regularly awarded at international competitions (Paris, Brussels, San Francisco), the old rum J. M are particularly popular among lovers of the great elixir is always looking for new sensations of taste.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item