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Andrea Da Ponte

At the foot of the hills of Conegliano, where the forces of nature still seem to be free to interact with man and where a fabulous microclimate caresses the crops, there is the Corbanese di Tarzo “basin”. The place where, in the early eighties, Pier Liberale Fabris decides to move, leaving the factory in the heart of Conegliano and giving life to a new modern distillery. He also dedicated himself to an important education towards the small Prosecco producers who, from that time on, brought to Da Ponte only the pomace just separated from the musts, immediately collected in large steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Thus, at the time of distillation, they are still very fresh and the spirits obtained are of absolute quality. The refined quality of the "Da Ponte Method".

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items