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The cellar, built in the fratta district of Monticelli Brusati, was already spoken of with admiration in the mid-nineteenth century. In the second half of the nineteenth century the cav. Luigi Rossetti, a rich merchant of the area, transformed a farmhouse presumably dating back to the sixteenth century into his elegant residence, as well as into the headquarters of his wine businesses, for which he built the beautiful cellars obtained by digging into the living rock of the sloping hill behind the Villa . With four trunks of gallery arranged in a Greek cross, it could hold six thousand hectoliters of wine, an enormous amount for those times. Hence the nickname given to it by the locals: “el cantinù”, the Cantinone. On the death of cav. Rossetti follows a slow decline and everything seems over, but at the end of the 70s another "wine man" bursts into the "life" of the Villa: Franco Ziliani - owner of Guido Berlucchi - the visit, finding it in desolating conditions, but captures the enormous charm and uniqueness of the cellars.

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