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Licoreria Cihuatàn is the first distillery to produce quality rum with sugar cane grown in El Salvador, where a complete control of production takes place, from the plant to the bottled rum. The company is connected to the "Ingenio La Cabaña" sugar refinery, founded over a century ago, which played a fundamental role in the development of the local community and culture.
In the name of ancestral ties with their land and with its ancient origins, the managers of Licoreria Cihuatàn have undertaken the commitment to contribute part of the proceeds from the sale of rum to the rebirth of the historic site of Cihuatàn, where research and excavations they are postponed due to lack of funds.

The Chihuatàn rum, unique to be produced in El Salvador, is aged with the Solera system, which helps the distillate evaporate and the aging of each barrel. The barrels used are of American ex-Bourbon oak, which ensure an ideal balance between the delicate hints of wood and the sweetness of rum.
The label and the collar of the bottle show a stylized image of the deity Tlaloc, bringer of rain and fertility.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items