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The area of the Soave Classico area is the only hill planted with vines since roman times.
The vocation, only for the white grapes, and is due to the volcanic nature of the soil: a basalt lava pure, the only one with such characteristics in the north of Italy.
In Roman times it was immediately planted with probably an ancient Grecanicum then became the Garganega within the meaning of local.
Starting from the early Sixties, Giuseppe Inama began to buy small plots in the hills of Soave Classico. Despite the Soave was the Italian white wine most famous in the world, few understood that it would be important to have the best land to secure the future of qualitative continuity to your wine. The intuition of the founder was to understand that one day the territory of the “Classic” would have been essential to produce wines unrepeatable elsewhere. Wines, mineral and floral, with a balance and elegance that it fully corresponds to the concept of wine of fashions. Today this property is approximately 30 hectares.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items