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La Chablisienne

The story begins in 1923, when some of the wine producers, under the guidance of the abbot, Balitrand, join forces to face the economic difficulties of the time, and to create a cooperative winery in the heart of the vineyards of Chablis, in Burgundy, with the purpose to sell their wines. Until the mid - '50s, the members delivered their production to La Chablisienne, which subsequently assumed the blending, and sold mainly to the wholesale trade. Then, desiring to go even further in shaping his style, The Chablisienne decide to return the collected in the form of musts, a peculiarity that will be the hallmark of the house and will allow total control of the winemaking process. In a permanent exchange, growers and technicians establish the link between the quality of the musts and the parcels from which the grapes come, and then develop the technical guidelines to be provided.

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