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In more than a hundred years of production, La Versa has remained faithful to the original idea of its founder, Cesare Gustavo Faravelli, who on May 21, 1905 decided, with the first twenty-two partners, to produce wines of excellent quality, capable of expressing the best the characteristics of the best grapes of his native territory. La Versa is, today, a brand recognized for its vocation in sparkling wine that has been able to take its cue from its glorious past to look to the future with new strength. It has once again become a precious asset of the Oltrepò Pavese as the property is entirely owned by Terre d'Oltrepò.

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Testarossa Principle VSQ Classic Method Brut La Versa

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Price €23.20

Produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the La Versa Winery, Testarossa Principio is made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes; the wine thus obtained was subsequently aged, again in barrique, for about six months until the blending of the cuvée. A product for connoisseurs and for...