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Le Manzane

More than 70 hectares of agricultural land positions in the land of Prosecco Superiore, in which we grow and we grow with love the cluster of grapes which will then be welcomed in our wine cellar to finish in your glasses. From great grapes, great wines and A territory crafted by nature and rich wine tradition is able to give optimal conditions for the vines; the sunshine, the wind and the temperature range to give golden clusters to the Glera, the main grape variety, followed by Verdiso, Manzoni, Marzemino. Using a high-tech manufacturing plant, tucked inside a hillside after a massive work of environmental restoration, the winery, The Manzane using the most modern techniques of termovinificazione, storage, thermal insulation and automatic bottling to ensure unaltered quality and nature of the wine.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items