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The Marzadro Distillery is a vast and airy complex made of stone, wood and glass, which expresses itself with its harmonious architecture immersed in the green of the vineyards. The construction of the structure was entrusted by the Marzadro family to the Bolzano architects Walter Maurmayr and Günther Plaickner, who, based on the concept of "contemporary craftsmanship", have created a structure that is completely integrated into the surrounding area. The roof, for example, was covered with a green carpet made up of 60,000 pre-cultivated plants, belonging to the lichen species: a solution adopted not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure better thermal insulation of the structure, and therefore allow an important energy saving. The high value of the new system from an ecological point of view is also highlighted by the spatial orientation of the buildings, which are in fact positioned to make the most of their location with respect to the sun.

In addition to facilitating the penetration of sunlight, extensive use of windows in the construction of the plant helps to create a sort of continuity between the external and internal environment. These were also used to create the suggestive glass and metal dome that houses the stills room. All the operational phases of the distillery are carried out inside, which were previously dispersed in various locations scattered between Rovereto and the neighboring municipalities. The new structure consists of three buildings, dedicated respectively to the production and storage, to the deposit of the marc and to the administrative offices.

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Showing 1-4 of 4 item(s)

Eighteen Lune Marzadro Distillery

« Marzadro Distilleria »
Price €25.00

Grappa Stravecchia emblematic of the culture, care and art of distilling. Obtained from the distillation in a bain-marie in a discontinuous alembic of both red and white pomace. Refine in small Cherry, Ash, Oak and Robinia barrels that each give their own characteristics of perfume, aroma, color...

Le Giare Amarone Marzadro Distillery

« Marzadro Distilleria »
Price €34.80

Grappa with a fine and decisive aroma and a pleasantly enveloping, harmonious and persistent taste on the palate. Obtained from the distillation in a bain-marie in a discontinuous alembic still of the precious marc typical of Amarone della Valpolicella (Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara). The Master...

Futura Marzadro Distillery Expressions

« Marzadro Distilleria »
Price €67.00

Andrea Marzadro's Expressions contain the best that the aging room has been able to offer this year, thus proving the desire to involve you in always different and high quality experiences. Espressioni Futura comes from the bain-marie distillation of red and white vines subsequently blended with...