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St. Pauls

The wines of the cellars of St Pauls are an expression of the environment from which they come from, the terroir, a concept that brings together factors such as climate, soil conditions, tradition and life style of the place and the people. For this reason, the wines reflect the uniqueness of their places of origin. St. Paul belongs to one of the areas most beautiful wine of the Alto Adige. On its slopes and hills, where the grapes ripen in the climatic conditions inside. Find here the right place so that each vine can grow and make in all its fullness is not a difficult task. Sheltered by the Alps, and blessed by 1,800 hours of sunshine, with hot days and cool nights during the ripening period, the area offers a wide selection of fine grapes. From here the secret of exceptionality.

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items