Wine bottles - names and sizes

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The glass bottle is the container of excellence for holding wine, there are various colors, shapes, sizes and names. The most used bottle for wine is the 0.750 l Bordeaux bottle. considered standard and like the other measures it consists of the ring which is the upper part, the neck, the shoulder, the body and the lower part which is called the base.

At the base there is a concavity that serves to make the bottle more manageable for pouring wine. The thickness of the wine is given by the type of wine contained, a sparkling wine, given the internal pressure, will have a thicker glass, as well as an aged red wine, while for a white wine the thickness will be less.

As for the measures, below we report a graph with the name, quantity and number of glasses contained in each format.

Per Bacco ViniWines - nomi e misure bottiglie vino

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