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Showing 1-24 of 863 item(s)

Amaro Tosolini Bepi Tosolini

« Bepi Tosolini »
Price €24.00

A refined herbal liqueur prepared according to the founder's recipe with the original blend of 15 varieties of Mediterranean herbs macerated with grape brandy in ash vats and distilled in botanical stills.

Military XV-XVIII Millesimato IGT Belcorvo

« Belcorvo »
Price €7.50

From our vineyards adjacent to the cellar, where a military airfield was located at the time of the First World War, Militare XV-XVIII was born. Pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, fine and persistent perlage. On the nose it is fruity and floral. On the palate it is pleasant, the...

Grappa Villalta Decanter Bepi Tosolini

« Bepi Tosolini »
Price €75.90

Distilled according to the "Tosolini method" this grappa was selected for aging in chestnut barriques in the family cellars. An accurate blend of different vintages very rich on the palate with enveloping notes of vanilla and distant spices. Persistent finish with elegant tobacco notes.

Reverso Pas dosè Millesimato Cantina PrimaVena

« Cantina PrimaVena »
Price €30.00

COLOR: From the first crystalline reflections the color is straw yellow. The intense and exuberant foam is accompanied by a very subtle, continuous and persistent perlage.BOUQUET: The slow evolution on the yeasts gives the nose a complex and essential perfume in its purity: elegant hints of...

Amaretto liqueur Salizà Bepi Tosolini

« Bepi Tosolini »
Price €21.50

In the Castello district, not far from Piazza San Marco, it is possible to reach SALIZA 'or SALIZADA DEL PIGNATTER, under whose arch a heart-shaped red stone is set: legend has it that couples who go there together will love each other forever".

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Pian Delle Vigne

« Pian delle Vigne »
Price €48.50

Pian delle Vigne has a brilliant ruby red color. The nose is delicate and complex, with notes of ripe fruit, cherry and plum, in perfect harmony with those of dried fruit, candied fruit and spices. On the palate it is enveloping, with soft tannins and a good acidic vibration that enhances the...

Grappa Agricola Bepi Tosolini

« Bepi Tosolini »
Price €26.70

Distilled within 48 hours of pressing to keep the intense aromas of the red berried marc unaltered. A full alcohol content - 50 ° - intended for a mature and demanding public who is looking for a strong and decisive distillate and an elegance that speaks of a past time, true peasant nobility.

Saubignon Ebner

« Ebner »
Price €22.30

Since the end of the nineteenth century, this very ancient wine variety, of French origin, has been magnificently settled in South Tyrol, garnering a growing appreciation and giving life to a white wine, straw-colored with a light green rim, supported by a excellent acidity, which enhances the...

Su'aro Marmilla Bianco IGT Su'Entu

« Su'Entu »
Price €11.60

VISUAL EXAMINATION: Straw yellow with golden reflections.OLFACTORY EXAMINATION: Intense, reveals aromas of honey and yellow flowers, complex.TASTE: Inviting and pleasantly fresh taste characterized by refined mineral notes and long sapidity.

Grechetto Umbria IGT Lungarotti

« Lungarotti »
Price €8.20

Dry white with a beautiful structure, intense straw yellow with evident greenish reflections; of good aromatic intensity, reminiscent of exotic fruit, pineapple and citrus; fruity, with a balanced acidulous vein, it is slightly bitter in the aftertaste.

Most Ex-Brunello Bepi Tosolini

« Bepi Tosolini »
Price €45.00

Most, the grape brandy was born in 1985 in the Tosolini distillery from the pressing of precious grapes still fresh from the harvest. The berries, with their fragrant and sugary pulp, are transformed into must, distilled according to the “Tosolini Method” with traditional Charante steam stills.