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Castello del Terriccio is one of the largest agricultural properties in Tuscany: approximately 1500 hectares in total, of which 65 are destined for vineyards and 40 for olive groves, extending along the northern limit of the Tuscan Maremma near Bolgheri.

The fortunate combination of soil, air and light make this microcosm unique where nature and the intervention of man are integrated with balance, who, with foresight, has been able to safeguard the biodiversity of the territory over time, maintaining the presence of different crops and spontaneous vegetation next to the vineyards.

The estate offers views of rare beauty and charm: the vineyards alternate with forests of turkey oaks, oaks, eucalyptus trees and the Mediterranean scrub that colors and perfumes the landscape. Beyond the scrub there are still meadows, farmhouses, grassy expanses sloping down to the sea which limits the Maremma coast between Castiglioncello and Bibbona. The many streams and the lake that collects them ensure water for the flora and abundant wildlife.

From the property you can see, on clear days, four islands of the Tuscan archipelago. At sunset, the spectacle of the fiery sun disappearing into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The ruins of the medieval castle that gives the estate its name are located on the highest hill, the one that enjoys the highest view.

In addition to vineyards and olive groves, the property includes an important Limousine cattle breeding in the wild.

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