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The force of gravity, the natural and state of the art, is the protagonist of our point of conferment, completed in 2010. It is the first station of the step for the healthy, mature grapes of our family of wine growers. Thanks to the force of gravity, in fact, the fruits reach the destemmers and crushers, located in the floor below. All the red grapes are destemmed, crushed and placed directly in the fermentation tanks, while white grapes are partially destemmed or only crushed and conducted in the presses below. The new membrane presses to ensure a delicate process, preserving the precious aromatic substances of the grapes. The wines that boast unaromaticità intense and full , even after prolonged ageing in the bottle enhance a remarkable fragrance and a clear varietal character. The fermetazione and maturation of our wines takes place, depending on variety, in stainless steel tanks, barrels, concrete or wood. In the phase of vinification, come into play the skills and the know-how of our cellar masters Martin Lemayr and his team, who strive to enhance the quality produced by winemakers with passion and dedication.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items