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To give life to a dream you need the passion to pursue it and the entrepreneurial ability to make it come true. The Su'entu Winery was born from the dream of its founder, Salvatore Pilloni. The dream of enhancing the suggestive hilly terrain that every day attracted his attention and stimulated his imagination. Ancient lands, rich in history and traditions, ideal for growing grapes. Today that dream is called Su'entu and gives its name to all our wines.

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Su'aro Marmilla Bianco IGT Su'Entu

« Su'Entu »
Price €12.60

VISUAL EXAMINATION: Straw yellow with golden reflections.OLFACTORY EXAMINATION: Intense, reveals aromas of honey and yellow flowers, complex.TASTE: Inviting and pleasantly fresh taste characterized by refined mineral notes and long sapidity.

Su'nico Bovale Marmilla Rosso IGT Su'Entu

« Su'Entu »
Price €24.00

VISUAL EXAMINATION: Ruby red with violet reflections, beautiful vividness of color, consistent.OLFACTORY EXAMINATION: Excellent olfactory intensity, fleshy nose, red fruits in spirit with spicy notes.TASTE: Good enveloping, warm, soft, persuasive tannin and good taste-olfactory correspondence.

Su'luci Passito Isola Dei Nuraghi IGT Su'Entu

« Su'Entu »
Price €20.70

VISUAL EXAMINATION: Deep ocher yellow.OLFACTORY EXAMINATION: Wide range of honeyed aromas, withered white flowers, dried fruit.TASTE: Sweet notes and references of candied orange and apricot jam, pleasant freshness that cleans the palate and supports the long persistence.

Su'Imari Vermentino Di Sardegna DOC Su'Entu

« Su'Entu »
Price €11.40

VISUAL EXAMINATION: Straw yellow with greenish reflections.OLFACTORY EXAMINATION: Good olfactory intensity, citrus note, flowers and tropical fruit stand out.TASTE: It stands out for its pleasant sapidity and pleasant freshness accompanied by fruity notes.

Su'diterra Isola Dei Nuraghi Rosso IGT Su'Entu

« Su'Entu »
Price €11.00

VISUAL EXAMINATION: Great clarity, ruby red with purple reflections.OLFACTORY EXAM: Inviting nose, beautiful intensity, notes of Mediterranean scrub, myrtle and mastic blend in a balsamic finish.TASTE: Satisfying sip, freshness, vivacity of drink, explosive sapidity.