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Our wine is born in friendship. Jako Wine originates from the encounter between an oenologist of rare wisdom and an expert, tireless ambassador of wine. Passion, love, courage: these are the seeds to give life to a great family of wines. The Jako Wine project was born in 2015, from the production of a classic method sparkling wine, initially shared exclusively for friends: a few bottles tasted in company during meetings and celebrations. At that time we did not yet have the plan to sell such a precious product close to our heart. But we were already proud of all the aromas and nuances that we were able to enclose in each glass. Strengthened by our convictions and constant appreciation by users, we have decided to finally share our excellent wine. Here is the decision to sell it by opening up to the market. Without forgetting the starting point: making wines for friends and for anyone who knows how to appreciate our philosophy.

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Ruber Jako

« Jako »
Price €28.90

The color is ruby red. The scent presents a wide range of notes, initially suggesting blackberry jam and cherries in alcohol and then alluding to notes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. The flavor is harmonious, enveloping and sweet. The robustness of its structure is well...

Brut Noir Jako

« Jako »
Price €27.00

Sweet aromas of yellow pulp fruit, apricots and peaches. With a sunny color with golden notes of incredible brilliance. The perlage is fine, consistent and persistent over time. Enveloping, soft and warm flavor, with excellent correspondence between olfactory and gustatory perceptions. An...

Brut Rosé Jako

« Jako »
Price €28.80

Fine and intense, it ranges from floral to small red fruits. The perlage is fine and delicate, with a creamy mousse. Firm and refined, with a beautiful acid texture that offers freshness and promises longevity. Excellent as an aperitif, it is a versatile sparkling wine that goes well with fish...

Tribute Jako

« Jako »
Price €43.00

A refined liqueur characterizes this brut with special taste-olfactory connotations of the highest level. The perlage is fine and persistent, with an intense, creamy froth and a bright straw yellow color. The nose is intense and refined with hints of ripe fruit wisely dosed, notes of caramelized...

Siresol Jako

« Jako »
Price €49.90

Ruby red with hints of garnet red. The variegated aroma presents notes of vanilla and cherry. The full, harmonious and velvety flavor culminates on a slightly spicy note. It is an elegant and pleasant accompaniment to any type of braised or grilled red meat. It is excellent with aged cheeses....

Brut Riserva Classic Method Jako

« Jako »
Price €79.00

Sweet aromas of yellow pulp fruit, apricots and peaches. With a sunny color with golden notes of incredible brilliance, it will win you over with its fine, delicate and persistent perlage over time. In the mouth it is silky, soft and enveloping yet it has a long and savory freshness. Excellent...

Pinot Grigio Jako

« Jako »
Price €14.00

The intense yellow color is crossed by golden reflections. Its scent is complex but delicate. There are fruity notes, in particular of pear and peach. On the palate it is well structured and with lasting flavor. After a few moments in the glass, Pinot Grigio develops a full aroma. Harmonious in...

Pas Dosé Jako

« Jako »
Price €29.00

Straw yellow color with golden reflections. Fresh notes of white flowers and white-fleshed fruits. Balanced, creamy and fruity on the palate. Full and enveloping flavor, fine and persistent perlage. Excellent aperitif, it is an extremely versatile wine. Excellent to accompany sea fish and fresh...