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The history of Amrut Distillerie is as old as the history of independent India. Today's success was possible thanks to the will of the Jagdale family who for generations have worked hard to find the best distillate.

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Peated Indian Single Malt Whiskey Amrut

« Amrut »
Price €68.50

Bouquet: unusually dry peat; not unlike the peat smell absorbed by an old leather chair; also a pinch of citrus;Taste: Despite the nose, the immediate sensation is that of being caressed by the sugar molasses and then a shiver of peat notes. As they get stronger, the experience gets a little...

Cask Strength 61.8% Single Malt Whiskey Amrut

« Amrut »
Price €80.50

The purest expression of Indian Single Malt whiskey! Bottled at high alcohol content without colouration, without cold filtration and aged in bourbon barrels, this single malt is a perfect balance between the pastry notes of bourbon and oak, the richness of Indian barley and the sweetness and...

Indian Whiskey Single Malt Amrut

« Amrut »
Price €51.00

Amrut Single Malt is distilled using barley from north-west India, this whiskey matures in American oak barrels that previously contained bourbon and is bottled at 46% vol. Amrut's entry-level single malt, this is an affordable, premium quality whiskey that's easy to drink, non-peaty and no age...

Peated Indian Single Malt Whiskey Cask Strength 62.8% Amrut

« Amrut »
Price €96.50

Amrut Whiskey is the first single malt whiskey from India. This peaty single malt ages in oak barrels and is bottled in cask without cold filtration and in its natural color. Color: rich gold.Aroma: Smoked barley, salted butter, pepper.Flavor: Barley, intense malt, dry oak.Final: Long, notes of...