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The Anselmet were pioneers in the rediscovery and enhancement of forgotten native vines such as Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin, Mayolet, and Muscat. But they were also courageous spreaders of international grape varieties, grown and vinified according to an authentic Aosta Valley spirit.

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Vallée d'Aoste Superieur Anselmet turrets

« Anselmet »
Price €25.50

Dense ruby red with purple hues. Aromas of spices, blackberry, jam, undergrowth. Palate of solid structure, with notes of vanilla and incense, with a sanguine tone, with herbaceous sensations, with royal tannins, with a noble alcoholic breath, with a spicy and fruity finish.

Vallée d'Aoste Fumin Anselmet

« Anselmet »
Price €33.90

Ruby-purple with excellent density and definition. Intriguing aromas of embers, chine, berries. The palate is as dense and structured as it is subtle and rich in nuances. The tannin is compact, the length full of flavor, the finish tastes of Mediterranean and medicinal herbs.

Vallée d'Aoste Chardonnay Anselmet

« Anselmet »
Price €40.60

Intense and brilliant straw yellow. Bouquet of white flowers and light notes of chamomile, very fresh and linear. Ripe and pulpy palate, very precise in the varietal character, with notes of flowers and almonds, with a return of flavor in the finish.

Tradition Vallée d'Aoste Pinot Noir Anselmet

« Anselmet »
Price €32.30

Ruby with garnet shades. Varietal aromas ranging from earth to herbs, from leather to cherry. The palate, juicy and tonic, is punctuated by mentholated transparencies, by notes of wild berries, by a complete development, with compact tannins and a finish with pepper notes.