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In Tregnago, in Val d'Illasi, in the DOC Valpollicella territory, the Rancan family has lived and worked the land for hundreds of years.
The brothers Renzo and Loredana decided to continue the family tradition and in 2007 the Cà dei Conti farm was born. In 2009, Fabio, an expert and eclectic winemaker, and Eugenio, a grower with a long and proven experience, entered the winery.
Here is the turning point that starts the adventure.

Work in the vineyard begins with the arrangement of the older plants. The planting of ancient varieties, not very productive but of inestimable value, such as Croatina and Oseleta, is resumed. In 2010 the first vintage and everything says that, even if aurdua this is the right way.

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Romeo Passito Bianco IGP Ca 'dei Conti

« Cà dei Conti »
Price €22.20

Golden yellow tending to amber. Very floral nose, dominated by notes of lavender, banana, chamomile, almond dried fruit, fruity aromas with beautiful fullness in the mouth are favored. Pleasant flavor the sugary part is supported by a strong acid part which makes it unique.