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The Conterno Fantino farm, founded in 1982 by Claudio Conterno and Guido Fantino, now cultivates 27 hectares of vineyards divided between the four vines, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Chardonnay, and produces 140 thousand bottles a year.

Over time, the two founders have been joined with different roles by Alda, Fabio and Elisa Fantino. Soon it will be the turn of Noemi and Matteo Conterno. In addition, about ten employees work full-time in the company. Environmental sustainability, safeguarding biodiversity, respect for the land and its memory, are the guidelines in the management of the vineyards, grown entirely in organic farming (certified by CCPB).

In order to further reduce the environmental impact, the expansion of the cellar in 2008 was carried out using various techniques aimed at both energy saving and the use of renewable sources such as the geothermal system, the installation of solar panels and and lastly, the phytodepuration of waste water.

The Conterno Fantino farm interprets its wines in the name of identity first and foremost: from the careful manual selection of the bunches to the collection in boxes; from maintaining the aromas of the vineyards to spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts; from the careful use of wood for aging to the minimum use of sulphites up to the refinement in the bottle.

This path, only apparently complex, is the most natural for us.
Wine is the son of the land on which the vine was grown and once in the cellar it must be accompanied step by step like a family creature.
Our wine is one of us.

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