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Fratelli Berlucchi is one of the oldest and best preserved wineries in Franciacorta. Restored in the seventies, among its authentic faces of the '300 have been brought to light frescoes from various eras, the oldest dating back to the' 500. In the original part you can see some scenes of agricultural work, flowers and ribbons of a wedding party, knightly coats of arms.

The Fratelli Berlucchi vineyards are all between Borgonato and Cortefranca, in the province of Brescia. The names are the same attributed by the family in the 19th century, such as “Fontanella”, “La Palazzina”, Tre Camini ”,“ Casa delle Colonne ”. 70 hectares treated according to the most current winemaking techniques, in eco-environmental cultivation according to a proposal of the European Community for the respect of the environment, with flowering rose bushes at the head.

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