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Frescobaldi embodies the essence of Tuscany, its extraordinary vocation for viticulture and the diversity of its territories.The uniqueness of Frescobaldi arises precisely from the representation of this diversity from its estates and from wines that express a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations.

Behind every Frescobaldi wine you can feel the strong heart of the people, agronomists and oenologists who live the vineyard and the terroir to grasp every detail. Their art requires the strict rule of respect. Respect for our tradition, which also guides us when we choose innovative solutions. Respect for Tuscany, which we consider a living land, to be cultivated in balance and harmony. Respect for each single terroir, which thanks to a unique combination of soils, altitudes and microclimates, gives us wines with their own and unrepeatable personality.

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Lamaione Toscana IGT Frescobaldi

« Frescobaldi »
Price €56.70

Encouraged by the courage that every person who wants to undertake has, in the 70s we planted the first Merlot cuttings on an unusual clayey soil. An important challenge that in 1991 saw the birth of Lamaione, a solitary, powerful and proud knight in the panorama of Montalcino. Great balance...

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Castelgiocondo Frescobaldi

« Frescobaldi »
Price €109.00

Balanced and full of character It comes from a rigorous selection of only Sangiovese grapes in the vineyard, where all the characteristics necessary to enhance this ancient vine are scrupulously respected. "CastelGiocondo is a unique place in Montalcino, where the great variety of exposures and...