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The GLENGOYNE distillery in the north of Scotland is known as one of the best producers of Single Malt, producing Whiskey aged 15, 18 and 21 years.

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Whiskey Cask Strength Glengoyne

« Glengoyne »
Price €67.30

Up to six years from the oak forest to the mountain distillery; this is the time it takes before the Sherry barrels are finally ready to receive the liqueur. Time and wood work together for the following eighteen years of aging with which the cold darkness of tradition and the flavors of the...

Whiskey 15 Years Old Glengoyne

« Glengoyne »
Price €58.80

Complex, sweet and rounded with a spicy oak finish. This is the taste of slower distillation than any other in Scotland, and of barley that we air dry. The flavors and aromas develop in hand-selected sherry barrels balancing the deep character with light notes of vanilla.

Whiskey 21 Years Old Glengoyne

« Glengoyne »
Price €138.00

Christmas cake, honey and rich fruit with a long cinnamon finish. Perfect after dinner or any time. It is distilled more slowly than any other whiskey in Scotland. It matures exclusively in hand-selected sherry barrels for twenty years, thus giving it a strong character.