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Founded in the early eighties, Le Macchiole is one of the historic realities of Bolgheri, which over time has become the absolute reference for quality Tuscan wine. The project is realized thanks to Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli, among the pioneers of the area, through the original vision of a suitable territory still at the dawn of its stylistic definition. It was precisely their action, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, with the creation of wines that have become symbols for their caliber and personality, that contributed to the fame of Bolgheri.

Today it is Cinzia who leads the company, with the decisive contribution of her sons Elia and Mattia, now protagonists of the company, as well as an increasingly cohesive and close-knit team of collaborators. An extended family that never ceases to innovate, surprising and surprising itself, in the wake of history. Changing to remain itself, Le Macchiole shows a constantly evolving physiognomy thanks to a contemporary reading of the wine and its terroir.

The convinced choice of organic farming and an increasingly sustainable approach, the ever more precise definition of a style that favors finesse and elegance, as well as authenticity and personality, sculpt the face of a historic but not static winery, an aware protagonist of its time.

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Paleo Rosso Toscana IGT Le Macchiole

« Le Macchiole »
Price €119.00

Made in 1989, this great wine is the symbol of the cellar and one of the most representative labels of the Bolgheri area. Born as a classic Bordeaux blend, it will become a pure Cabernet Franc in 2001, soon achieving a resounding success. The name recalls that of a spontaneous herb of the Tuscan...

Bolgheri Rosso DOC Le Macchiole

« Le Macchiole »
Price €24.80

Bottled for the first time with the 2004 vintage, this wine is the purest and most direct expression of Bolgheri according to Le Macchiole. Red of grace and intensity, joyful and easy to drink, it does not give up substance and complexity.