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The Les Cretes winery manages 20 hectares of vineyards spread across six Aosta Valley municipalities. With its annual production of 170,000 bottles it is the largest private company operating in the region.The vines in this area find their ideal habitat on the ventilated terraces that extend along the central valley and rise close to the mountain. White wines with delicate, balanced and persistent aromas, the finest red wines of the Aosta Valley, intense and fruity sweet wines and sparkling wines with a fresh and unmistakable flavor.

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Torrette Superiore Valle d'Aosta PDO Les Crêtes

« Les Crêtes »
Price €22.20

Torrette is the largest historical area of the Valle d'Aosta appellation and gives its name to the wine. It is vinified with a prevailing base of Petit Rouge (indigenous variety) and is traditionally consumed by the Valle d'Aosta throughout the meal. Ruby color with purple hues. Floral (withered...

Petite Arvine Valle d'Aosta PDO Les Crêtes

« Les Crêtes »
Price €29.00

La Petite Arvine is a traditional late ripening grape variety. Its name derives from the variety - Arvine - and from the small size (petite in French) of its berries. This wine is characterized by an intense minerality and salinity typical of mountain wines.

Chardonnay Cuvée Bois Valle d'Aosta PDO Les Crêtes

« Les Crêtes »
Price €42.60

Golden yellow. The opening on the nose ranges from banana to candied cedar, to compositional grapes, accompanied by a spicy boost expressed by the rightly toasted oak. The full nose-mouth correspondence conveys a dense, rich and candied consistency to the palate, of great balance and elegance. A...

Fumin Valle d'Aosta DOC Les Crêtes

« Les Crêtes »
Price €15.50

Ruby with purple fingernails. On the palate it expresses itself, with great character, juicy and fragrant. Soft tannins and notes of vanilla, juniper, tobacco. Closes slowly in the mouth on the notes of licorice.