List of products by brand Rigoloccio

The adventure of the Rigoloccio winery began in 2002 when two Maremma Doc friends bought 23 hectares at the foot of Monte Calvo and the village of Gavorrano.

Majestic sauces and centuries-old olive trees surround 9 hectares to be used as vineyards, and here, the choice is immediately audacious: planting Bordeaux vines, international in scope, but with all the Supertuscan temperament.

To take the project in hand are the agronomist Pierre Marie Guillaume and the oenologist Fabrizio Moltard, who perceives the potential of the territory by focusing on varieties from beyond the Alps.

The choice turns out to be a winning one, leading Rigoloccio to become one of the most representative companies of the Maremma Wines Consortium in a very short time.

In 2017 the winery underwent a radical revolution, with a change of ownership that gave way to a profound structural renewal that involves every single aspect, from the architectural one to that of the manufacturing processes and company organization.

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