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Abuelo rums, a rum producer in Panama, are distinguished by their tasty and full-bodied but very soft taste. In fact, the tradition of this distillery dates back to 1908 when Don José Valera Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, opened, in the town of Pesé, the first sugar factory in the then newly born republic of Panama. Factory which, in 1936, by the will of the three sons of the founder, was transformed into a distillery. Since then the Valera family has established itself as the first distillate company in Panama. The raw material, cane sugar, from which Rum Abuelo is produced, comes from the same peninsula.

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Ron Abuelo anejo 7 years

« Abuelo »
Price €16.66

The multiplicity of Panama. The Varela Hermanos distillery has managed, with over a century of tradition and experience, to combine the multiplicity of Panama in an aged rum. Maturation plays a fundamental role and takes place not only in old bourbon barrels, but also with the Solera method. The...