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An ancient eighteenth-century coffee fazenda, set between rivers and imperial palms, vast plains and plantations, an authentic earthly paradise, created specifically for the production of gin, to become the first gin-only distillery in Brazil and the largest distillery artisan gin from Latin America, located in the Paraiba valley, within the State of Rio de Janeiro. We are the only Latin American distillery to have obtained the Best Artisan Producer in the World Award (World Gin Awards, London, 2018). Yes, this is where Gin Amazzoni is made, proudly artisanal, local, independent.

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Alcohol distillate of cereals, aromatic herbs and spices, the so-called botanicals. According to the Plymouth specification, where it evolved from the Dutch Jenever, making gin seems like child's play, the mere application of a mathematical formula. On the other hand, there are also those who...