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André Delorme

The history of the brand began during the second world war. Having been wounded in battle, André Delorme left the front and returned to Rully in the Burgundy region. On his return in 1942 Andre Delorme founded his company. Its wines and cavas (sparkling wines quickly achieved a reputation and have been selected by the best restaurants. A few years after he joined the child company; new vines were planted and the area grew to cover a wide range of names, among the most respected in the Côte Chalonnaise. In the course of the years, the reputation of the wines of the area went beyond the French borders.
In 2005, the company took a new direction: Eric Piffaut, director of the family business, Veuve Ambal, also based in Rully, was taken at the Maison André Delorme.
The vineyards are cultivated using sustainable methods. The use of cultivation techniques specific aim to reduce the number of treatments by optimizing the position and efficiency. Environmental concerns are at the heart of the approach of the maison and influence the work in the vineyards and in the cellars.
It is one of the few Maisons in Burgundy to produce wines, Crémants de Bourgogne. The grapes are carefully chosen and hand picked and then squeezed slowly. The mixtures are created according to the terroir of origin of the grapes and the personality that you want to have for the various vintages. The effervescence is produced directly in the bottle and develops its finesse during the long months of ageing in the cellars at a constant temperature of 16 ° C.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items