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The Amaro Artist was awarded the Gold Medal at the World-Spirits Award 2021 in the Bitter / Amari alle Erbe category and was particularly appreciated for the perfect balance of the herbs and spices used in the recipe.

On the olfactory level, an impeccable balance stands out between the top notes, fresh and consistent, and its delicate bitterness. On the contrary, Artist has proven to be very aromatic on the palate, with the right alternation between floral accents, spices and herbs and with a sumptuous non-prevalent sweetness that gives the product a perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

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Amaro Artist

« Artista - Euphoria »
Price €29.00

Artist is an amaro with an enveloping and timeless taste, spokesperson for great strokes of genius and sensational artistic sparks. The 33 herbs and spices, selected according to the ancient original recipe from Livorno, give life to an exclusive product, with an amber color and an ancient...