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After making a name for himself in Italy as a consultant and representative of the well-known company Seitz of enotechnological products, the call to home became stronger and stronger. "The 1200 meters of altitude of Meltina were ideal for the refinement of sparkling wines". Reiterer was convinced. “Furthermore, the natural temperature fluctuations of this altitude could allow a natural and peaceful maturation of our wines. It takes at least 24 months to give Arunda sparkling wines that richness, elegance and complexity that made them famous. Some Cuvées rest in the cellar for up to 60 months before the bottles are, as per tradition, opened and sent for sale “.

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Extra Brut Cuvée Marianna DOC Arunda

« Arunda »
Price €29.30

ARUNDA Cuvée Marianna is matched by an extraordinary and lively perlage to a particular and complex bouquet. In the mouth, the sparkling wine immediately shows its ambition of breadth and importance and is appreciated at every stage of its tasting. Opulent and persistent for its freshness and its...

Brut Alto Adige PDO Arunda

« Arunda »
Price €23.10

With its particularly rich and persistent perlage and a brilliant and luminous straw yellow color with greenish hues, ARUNDA Brut gives the nose a wide and fragrant fruity bouquet that recalls the grapes from which it is born, enriched with delicate notes of yeast.

Extra Brut Alto Adige PDO Arunda

« Arunda »
Price €26.20

With its extraordinary particularly fine, persistent perlage and a bright and luminous color, ARUNDA Extra Brut strikes from the first approach, thanks also to a rich, fragrant and complex bouquet which, alongside a floral component, reveals toasted notes of bread crust. .

Blanc de Blancs Alto Adige PDO Arunda

« Arunda »
Price €27.70

With a fine and persistent perlage and a lively and luminous straw yellow color with greenish reflections, ARUNDA Blanc de Blancs offers a delicate and very fruity bouquet that combines fullness and structure with a remarkable softness and creaminess, density, thickness and persistence.