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Braida is Raffaella's overwhelming laugh and Giuseppe's absorbed gaze. Two brothers who carry in their genes and gestures the heritage of an exceptional family of Italian wine. A heritage that with everyday work they consolidate and expand, sharing the best fruits with the beautiful team of collaborators, with the essential hometown, Rocchetta Tanaro, and with all the people who love their wines.

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Montebruna Barbera d'Asti DOCG Braida

« Braida »
Price €17.20

It took 35 notary deeds and 7 years to unite the many plots of Montebruna, properties of great oenological value. When we succeeded, for the joy we gave her voices and verses, involving artists, poets and musicians who sang this Barbera and its land, "a land that speaks".

La Monella Barbera del Monferrato sparkling DOC Braida

« Braida »
Price €10.70

It is the wine with which the history of Braida officially begins: the first grape for this wine grew in the vineyard of grandmother Caterina and in the cellar the grandfather wrote "La Monella" with chalk on the most exuberant Barbera barrel. Born from young vineyards, it is lively and has never...