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Today Cantine Briamara has about 10 hectares all planted with Erbaluce with different farms: in Caluso we have kept the traditional "topie" or "palere", a system that allows excellent vigor of the plant, while in Cuceglio and Parella we have evolved in breeding espalier with a double guyot, but always leaving the right breath and vent to the vine.

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Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG "Bric D'La Gesia" Briamara

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A great vineyard for a great goal: to maximize the evolutionary potential of the Erbaluce grape. The “Bric d'la Gesia” is born from about one hectare of vineyards located in one of the best sites on the Cuceglio hill, grown solely with the double guyot system, selecting only the healthiest and...