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The history of Ca 'd' Gal begins with these three fundamental elements:
men who love and respect their land, vineyards that draw ideal nourishment from that land, wines that, thanks to the grapes of those same vineyards, are able to express the depth and uniqueness of an exemplary union.
We are in Santo Stefano Belbo, precisely in Valdivilla and for generations, our family has been linked to these hills and to their being the beating heart of Moscato d'Asti.

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Moscato D'asti Docg “Lumine” DOCG Ca 'd'Gal

« Ca' d' Gal »
Price €16.20

The larger surface area and the different composition of the soils have led us to intensify our commitment more and more, to obtain low yields and higher quality. The optimal balance between total sugars and correct acidity marks the right moment of harvest every year and allows us to vinify a...