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Casale del Giglio was founded in 1967 by Dr. Berardino Santarelli, originally from Amatrice, and is located in the Agro Pontino in the locality of Le Ferriere, Municipality of Aprilia, in the province of Latina, about 50 km south of Rome. This territory represented, compared to other areas of Lazio and other regions of Italy, an environment to be explored from a wine-making point of view. For this reason, in 1985 the “Casale del Giglio” research and development project was set up, authorized by the Lazio Region Agriculture Department.

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Merlot Rosso Lazio IGT / PGI Casale del Giglio

« Casale del Giglio »
Price €9.70

Merlot is originally from Bordeaux. It was introduced in Agro Pontino in the Thirties by the Venetian settlers who reclaimed the Pontine Marshes and in 1966 it was recognized the Denomination of Controlled Origin. Never properly valued in the past, it was, however, subsequently, thanks to the...

Viognier Bianco Lazio IGT / PGI Casale del Giglio

« Casale del Giglio »
Price €10.80

White grape variety originating from the Rhône Valley which has spread to the South of France. The prized “Condrieu” is famous. Very resistant to drought, it adapts well to hot climates. The ripening grapes take on a deep yellow color and the bunches are rather compact. It loves loose and not...

Shiraz Rosso Laziale IGT / IGP Casale del Giglio

« Casale del Giglio »
Price €10.90

Shiraz (or Syrah) is a vine of oriental origin, which comes from ancient Persia. It has established itself in France mainly in the Rhone Valley, where it contributes, together with other grape varieties, to the production of famous wines such as Hermitage and Châteauneuf-du Pape. Since the...

Tempranijo Rosso Lazio IGT / IGP Casale del Giglio

« Casale del Giglio »
Price €16.60

Tempranillo is a vine of Spanish origin grown in the Ribera del Duero and Rioja. Variety that has adapted very well to the breezy Mediterranean climate and to the fresh and deep soils, such as those of Casale del Giglio, in the area called “Valle” (formerly “Riserva Bottacci”), where our...