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After several years of vine growing, Jean Bovière decided to develop his own Champagne in 1957. He passed on his know-how and his passion to Denis Bovière who in turn passed it on to Florian Bovière who came to join us on the site. ' operating for several years now….

Our vineyard is about 4 hectares 80 composed of 80% of Pinot Noir and 20% of Chardonnay. Age of vines: 35 years on average, the oldest vine of the company was planted in 1938.

In enamelled and stainless steel vats where the fermentation process takes place slowly.

The first "alcoholic" fermentation transforms the juices (or musts) into wines. The yeasts "eat" the sugar and thus produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The second "malolactic" fermentation converts malic acid into lactic acid. This fermentation takes place at the end of the alcoholic fermentation. Stabilizes and sweetens the wine by reducing its acidity. Then comes the "filtration" to eliminate the solid particles, the wine today is called "limpid wines".

Then we carry out the assembly, a step that consists in mixing the wine of the different plots and the different vines to obtain a final product, balanced between fruitiness, softness and freshness. And finally the bottling where the second fermentation takes place slowly. It will give the fine bubbles, which contribute to its charm and elegance.

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Cuvée Blanc de Blancs Denis Bovière

« Denis Bovière »
Price €47.50

Bright lemon yellow color. Fresh nose, lemon, on fresh chalk and breadcrumbs, with some notes of white flowers. The attack is tempered by a nice sugar / acid balance. On the palate it is fruity, on mirabelle plum, carambola and pear.

Cuvée Blanc de Noirs Denis Bovière

« Denis Bovière »
Price €50.50

Golden color with antique gold reflections. Delicate and greedy nose, on fruit pastes with peach, apricot, some orange peel and fresh flint with a hint of choux pastry. On the palate it is full-bodied and rich in peach, nectarine, chalk with a hint of blackcurrant mackerel.