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Love for the land, experience and tradition in vine cultivation have increased the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the Quacquarini family over the years. Alberto was the forefather of this company: it is he who, helped by his wife Francesca, has challenged the events of life and together have laid solid foundations for future generations.

Monica, Luca and Mauro: they are the ones who have picked up the baton and who currently manage the company, mutually assisting each other in a sort of natural symbiosis. The Alberto Quacquarini company is the largest producer of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona Docg with its 35 hectares of vineyards planted in Vernaccia Nera, used almost exclusively for the production of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona Docg.

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Brands Passerina IGT Quacquarini Alberto

« Quacquarini »
Price €9.50

The nose offers a rich bouquet of white flowers and crunchy fruits, the pear above all. On the palate it is fresh, savory and with a fruity finish of pome fruit. It is presented in the brilliant crystalline glass of straw-colored light.

Verdicchio di Matelica DOC Quacquarini Alberto

« Quacquarini »
Price €10.30

Straw white in color, very bright, with backlit shades tending to green, rich in floral aromas of acacia, broom, ripe apricot and peach fruit. On the palate it is rich, savory, distinctly tasty, full-bodied, soft, warm enough, fresh with acidity without any harshness on the tongue, with a...

Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG Dolce Quacquarini Alberto

« Quacquarini »
Price €13.90

It is a sweet red DOCG sparkling wine, obtained from the vinification of a native grape variety, Vernaccia Nera (red berried). It is a wine that must be known, for the uniqueness of its color, from garnet to ruby, and for its flavors, but above all for its aromas, delicate, harmonious, of a very...

Petronio IGT Quacquarini Alberto

« Quacquarini »
Price €31.50

The Petronio Igt reaches absolute peaks of intensity: two months of drying of the grapes and twenty-four of maturation in barrique concentrate all the varietal characteristics in a full sip that draws on notes that intertwine sweet and bitter.