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The Santi winery has been a protagonist in Valpolicella since 1843, the year in which it was founded in Illasi, a historic village at the eastern end of the province of Verona, nestled close to the Lessini Mountains. Here, in the shadow of a medieval castle, among the hills of the valley then called Longazeria, the production of the typical wines of the area is established, led by Carlo Santi, the founder. Right from the start, the Santi family chose to focus on quality and the strict selection of raw materials, using only the best grapes from the vineyards owned by the most suitable areas. The success of its wines induces the company to obtain supplies also from local suppliers, with whom a relationship of trust is consolidated over time which today allows direct management of the vineyards.

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Crinaia Rosso IGT Veneto Santi

« Santi »
Price €19.60

The wise vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot that are born on the ridge of the most suitable, historical and sun-drenched Venetian hills, give life to this wine that knows how to express the international character of the Santi winery.

Solane Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore Santi

« Santi »
Price €14.50

Historic and unmistakable label with the family crest for this important, full-bodied, generous and warm red. It is obtained with the Ripasso method, an oenological technique with a long tradition that consists in "re-passing" the Valpolicella wine over the Amarone marc. Lively and deep ruby...