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Santòn is the first agricultural vermouth of Friuli Venezia Giulia, produced in this “queen” land of wine according to the completely artisanal production chain of BorgosanDaniele. It is an ancient tradition to aromatize wine with herbs, spices and botanicals, a processing method which by its nature requires patience, dedication and great knowledge of raw materials. Santòn is an adventure that starts from tradition and that pushes towards the desire to experiment and celebrate the original products of our territory through a great all-Italian classic, such as vermouth.

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Borgo San Daniele Vermouth Agricultural Santòn

« Santòn »
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Santòn's recipe uses 30 different species of spontaneous medicinal herbs and aromatic spices. The combination and maceration of the herbs are a kind of “magic”, a very subtle balance of flavors that support each other to create an unrepeatable result.