List of products by brand St. Michael - Eppan

The grape metamorphosis takes place in the cellar. A combination of ancient and innovative winemaking techniques. The "respect for the fruit" is the most important rule for the production of long-lived wines with great personality.

The grapes are rigorously vinified for peculiarities in order to enhance each single vineyard.
The wines are then aged in steel or wooden barrels to emphasize the individual characteristics.

Since the Eighties, the space of the white and red barriques has conquered the heart of the winery. In them the selections of the most precious and prized wines mature in small French oak barrels. This refinement requires great sensitivity and gives life to complex wines, which embody a perfect symbiosis between fruit and nuances that wood can enhance.

In the Cantina San Michele Appiano the traditional aging of wines in large wooden barrels still plays an important role today. For this reason, in recent years the historic cellar has been completely renovated with over 50 large oak barrels. The four ancient 150 hl barrels stand out immediately, graceful with ancient carvings, depicting historical events starting from 1907.

Steel is indispensable for modern winemaking. In fact, it represents the ideal material for both fermentation vats and storage tanks, guaranteeing hygiene and cleanliness.
The steel allows a clear transformation of musts and wines, and is able to enhance the freshness and aromas of the different varieties.

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