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Suavia is a story made up of a castle, no frogs, few princes and many princesses. The castle is that of Soave: heritage of the Middle Ages, when the town was still called with the ancient name of Suavia; the four daughters of Giovanni and Rosetta, on the other hand, have been the main female protagonists of this story since the beginning of the twenty-first century.

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Soave Classico DOC Suavia

« Suavia »
Price €10.00

It is the Soave according to Suavia. It is the wine of the flowered terraces and of the summer nights, the wine of the bars with umbrellas and outdoor tables that rest on the cobblestones of an ancient square that is always illuminated, the wine of the pasquettes in the hills. A profoundly...

Massifitti Trebbiano di Soave

« Suavia »
Price €14.50

Our little prince, worthy heir of the illustrious Trebbiano di Soave: a historic and almost forgotten vine, often misunderstood and confused. Massifitti is the result of a long and adventurous journey undertaken by us to the roots of this ancient variety to rediscover its character and identity....

Monte Carbonare Soave Classico DOC

« Suavia »
Price €15.00

We always say about him that “it's like having a piece of earth in the glass”. It is so. In the Monte Carbonare vineyard, the vines have their roots in a very black earth, a pure volcano. The result is a wine with a very strong personality: straightforward and true, with a sharp minerality. It...