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The Ferrari family has been linked to Gambellara since 1400, with vineyards and olive trees. From the coast of Monticello it moves up to Monte San Marco, choosing and cultivating the valley.

And it is here, in 2012, that Gianluca Ferrari surprises Vicenza with the construction of a new avant-garde cellar: underground and hexagonal, it is a tribute to the features of the columnar basalt.

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Lessini Durello Riserva Extra Brut Classic Method Cortenera

« Cortenera »
Price €29.00

The great character of Durello Riserva comes from its extreme acidity. It is a wine that is remembered even after just one glass. It can support the tastiest and spiciest main courses. He knows how to adapt to any eventuality. Made of 100% Durella grapes, carefully selected during harvesting in...

Cuvée Geneva Classic Method Cortenera

« Cortenera »
Price €32.00

Our Cuvée Ginevra has a refined and solid essence. It knows how to combine both dishes with delicate and more structured flavors. It is made entirely of Garganega grapes which are chosen and selected directly from the vine, during harvesting at the cash desk. As required by the traditional method...