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The vineyard has been kept in its original habitat surrounded by woods and meadows. In these hills we grow native vines such as Durella and Garganega and typical vines such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Nero and Riesling Renano, according to a strict protocol called the Agno Valley Rule, in which the ancient principles of local agriculture have been recovered. . The vinification follows the same path: the minimum possible intervention. From the vine to the wine we process our wines within the property. From the fruit to the bottle we let the typicality of the terroir express itself, which preserves the richness that the soil of our vineyard has brought to the fruit.

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Calesio Quality sparkling wine - Durello Brut dalle Ore

« Dalle Ore »
Price €11.50

Calesio is our Charmat method sparkling wine, the result of an ancient indigenous variety, Durella. The vineyard is cultivated with strict respect for the soil and its life, in a hilly area of volcanic origin, facing south and surrounded by woods. All these conditions guarantee a grape with...

Mappale 77 Veneto IGT From Hours

« Dalle Ore »
Price €14.60

Mappale 77 is the result of a particular assemblage of Chardonnay Pinot Grigio. We ferment the three varieties separately, present in the vineyard identified by map 77 of the municipality of Trissino and then study the assembly with great care so that it can best represent the expression of this...

Pinot Noir Veneto IGT From Hours

« Dalle Ore »
Price €15.90

Pinot Noir is the latest grape variety to arrive on our hills. In the Lessini mountains, characterized by considerable temperature variations, Pinot Noir benefits from the constant breeze, maintains a fruity flavor and a strong body while the soil gives it freshness and minerality.

852 HZ Riesling Veneto IGT From Hours

« Dalle Ore »
Price €20.70

Beauty lies in the beginning with wine. In the sinuous horizon of the vine hills. In the ordered rows of vines. In the broad leaf of the vine and in the fruit of the grape that knows no similar in nature. Beauty precedes wine that is born in beauty, as if it were its nectar.

Torque Durello Classic Method - Pas Dosé dalle Ore

« Dalle Ore »
Price €22.40

Torque is our classic method sparkling wine, the result of an ancient indigenous variety, Durella. Referments and refines on the lees for 48 months, concentrating the volcanic minerality. This minerality is a source of gustatory freshness, which insinuates itself into the aromatic texture of the...