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Alsace is a French wine region that arises, as a sort of Middle-earth, between France and Germany; divided between them by the Rhine and the Vosges mountain range, they both share the strongly mineral matrix of the soil, the climate and the grape varieties.

The only difference that actually distinguishes them is the interpretation that both give to the wines they produce and, in this, Alsace is a champion of intensity and acidity. Very intense and equally dry wines, with an austere character and a marked aromatic outfit.

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Gewürztraminer Réserve Domaine Fernand Engel

« Domaine Fernand Engel »
Price €18.00

Gewürtztraminer is one of the symbolic vines of Alsace and Fernand Engel is its most qualified interpreter; coming from certified organic crops, this Réserve is a wine that offers an incredible aromatic bouquet and a soft and juicy structure, suitable to accompany both raw fish appetizers and...