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The Macchie Santa Maria winery is located in Montemiletto, in the province of Avellino, in the heart of Irpinia. This winery is renowned for producing high quality wines, which reflect the richness and winemaking tradition of the region. The winery's vineyards extend over hilly terrain, characterized by a unique microclimate and fertile soil, ideal for the cultivation of native varieties such as Aglianico, Fiano and Greco di Tufo.

The philosophy of the Cantina Macchie Santa Maria is based on the combination of traditional techniques and modern innovations, to guarantee wines that best express the territory and its characteristics. Each phase of production, from harvest to winemaking, is followed with great care and attention, to obtain wines that tell stories of passion, dedication and respect for nature.

Visiting the Macchie Santa Maria winery means immersing yourself in a sensorial journey between authentic flavors and evocative landscapes, where the culture of wine blends with the uncontaminated beauty of Irpinia.

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Campania Aglianico PGI Macchie Santa Maria

« Macchie Santa Maria »
Price €7.70

It is a ruby red wine that has a full-bodied and robust structure. On the nose it presents a pleasant spicy note of tobacco and cherry, while the taste is dry, full and harmonious. It goes well with red meats, game and cheeses. It is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 18° C.

Falanghina Irpinia DOC Macchie Santa Maria

« Macchie Santa Maria »
Price €11.80

This variety produces intense and aromatic wines, with deep aromas of white fruit, pineapple, peach, and apple which fade into a second tone with a floral and citrus touch, toned by aromas of honey and freshly cut grass. After two years of maturation, raisin and minty aromas enter the olfactory...

Ophelia Irpinia Rosato DOC Macchie Santa Maria

« Macchie Santa Maria »
Price €12.80

Ophelia wine was born from the desire to experiment. The great potential of Aglianico grapes, renowned for their hardness, sharpness, large quantities of sugar and high alcoholic potential. From their delicate processing comes the rosé, fragrant, enveloping, gentle, but at the same time...

Optio Irpinia Aglianico DOC Macchie Santa Maria

« Macchie Santa Maria »
Price €12.80

It has a brilliant ruby red color with orange nuances, with fruity sensations of black cherry in alcohol. Warm, dry, slightly tannic, pleasant and highly persistent flavour. It can accompany very tasty meat dishes, such as braised meats, overcooked stews, game; also excellent with long-matured...